In more general sense case study assignment writing is very important considering the different level of question that are asked in the case study. We’ll understand in the case study solving format whether a strong currency is good or bad in case study term. Anything powerful is said well but when we discuss any currency and economic system, powerful can have adverse effects for the whole economic system.

Any economic system that is trade focused can have very adverse effect if their currency is admiring. The most essential reason for the decrease in the economic system is the admiring forex. For example Indian exports services and product to US when the currency amount is INR50 for every dollar at the time when products were released but during payments INR valued to INR45 for every dollar. This would outcome in lack of INR5 for every dollar for the company that released products or services, to US. It is essential to comprehend whether the activity of currency is excellent for the economic system or not. In the past the currency motions have been very unpredictable and that has affected many financial systems especially those, who are trade focused. It is therefore very essential to comprehend whether the activity of currency is excellent or bad for the whole economic system.

Strong currency is also positive for the economic system as it draws the international immediate investment leading to the advantage in the stock exchange and that results in the improving quality of life of for the citizens of the economic system. But if this situation carries on it may make inflationary stress and that may outcome in the higher interest amount in the economic system by the main govt.

Therefore we comprehend by the currency activity, that powerful currency is excellent for the economic system in one sense but can make issue in other. Exporters in the economic system may face huge issue if the local currency is constantly on the get powerful. Therefore there should always be stability in the activity of the currency and government needs to get involved if the activity in currency gets out of control.


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