The business's offerings for the pc customers include popular pushes like WD Caviar 7,200 RPM pushes, available in both EIDE and Sequential ATA (SATA) connections.

European Electronic marketplaces hard-drives including 3.5-inch, 2.5-inch, 1.8-inch and 1.0-inch form factor pushes under WD Cavier, WD RE, WD VelociRaptor, WD Scorpio, WD Elements, WD WV, My Passport, My Book, My DVR Expandaer, and WD GreenPower Technology brands. European Electronic marketplaces items to different types of users: pc, cellular, business, and technology. For the cellular customers they have difficult disks like WD Scorpio. In the business storage space section, 10,000 RPM WD Raptor X is the only difficult disk on the globe that has a see-through window. The new generate called WD VelociRaptor is the fastest SATA difficult disk on the globe.

The business sequence and Raptor are environmental-friendly pushes and offer top rated, reliability and potential for system attached storage space gadgets, storage space space networks, workstations, medical imaging, game playing and video/broadcast applications. In the customer technology, European Electronic caters to press players, multimedia drivers, portable press pushes, and DVR expander requiring large potential for movie loading of TV shows and movies. The broad item portfolio of WDC cushions it against the decline in demand in a particular section of the industry. In addition, it provides the organization with possibilities to cross-sell to its existing customers increasing profitability of the organization.

In 2010, the organizations began delivery its first solid state pushes (SSD) targeting the customer industry. The WD SiliconEdge Blue item close relatives is utilizing the extensive experience in manufacturing and designing, and the worldwide sales and submission system of WDC to speed up SSD usage amongst the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the game playing industry and the road fighters. In July 2010, WDC offered a flavor of its WD TV sequence that supports Blockbuster online movie streaming; this item was an outcome of the most recent trend where digital material providers are expanding their services to be compatible with game playing techniques like the PS3 and Xbox. Today, WDC has one of the largest ranges of online as well as local material interface in the press loading device industry. In Oct 2010, the organization began delivery the industry’s first serial ATA (SATA) 3TB inner difficult disk. This new offering is a part of WDC’s Cavier Green group of SATA difficult disks. The new generate passes the previous 2.19TB ceiling due to 4-kilobyte sector sizes. These pushes are designed for use as secondary external storage space techniques and inner pc pushes in 64-bit techniques.

Thus, it does not work with the older operating-system like the Windows XP.  In its customer section line, WDC presented its 3G leading item, the WD TV Live Hub. In its WDTV item collection, the organization has presented new items regularly, making it indispensable for the press streamers in the U.S. industry. Launch of new items provide the organization with possibilities to expand its customer-base and enhance its business.