Business plans are a group of goals in the plan for reaching them effectively. Almost all organizations are known to set up these kinds of plans as it helps them and their customers to work effectively. These plans generally target customers, taxpayers, clients or the community. It contains basic background information regarding the company setup. On an overall scale they are a company’s strategy. Often help is required for effective business plans writing.

Types of business plans writing:

It can broadly be classified into two types based on the audience they concern to. They are externally or internally focused. Internally focused plans target goals related to external financial stakeholders. Internally focused plans are a means to achieve external plans via intermediate ways.

The content of business plans writing is a very important factor. They are decision making tools and do not have a fixed content. It is determined by the goals that have been set and the audience types. It usually has a vision and strategy. Then there are further sub parts in it that deal with separate entities like finance, human resources, marketing, planning etc. Good content in its plan is effective in making the business attractive and credible over their counterparts.

Format of presentation:

It is good for a certain business plan to be presented in a proper manner. It should contain:

•    An ‘elevator pitch’, which is a small summary that interests potential fundraisers and investors.
•    An oral narrative that will trigger discussion and interest potential investors to read the presentation and plans.
•    A written presentation that is provided to those interested to read, it must be well written and must have everything clearly detailed.
•    An internal plan which describes inner planning details.


Business plans writing is helpful for new business startups and venture capital. It is also used within a company for internal matters like planning. Another use of it is in the sphere of education where it is used to teach economic principles.


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