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The cost of developing online course content and delivery can prevent providers from coming into the industry. 

Ability to contend on tenders

In an industry driven by cost competition, companies must be capable of obtaining new project contracts by providing prospective customers with magnificently low offers, while guaranteeing adequate productivity and income. 

Ability to effectively connect and settle 

Industry players must have the capacity to develop practical facilities contracts with public and private industry customers, local regulating regulators, work and content providers in a competitive industry. 

Having links with providers 

Firms must have strong continuous relationships with providers of content information such as tangible, bitumen, metal and combination.

Business expertise of providers 

Firms should display superior technological innovation skills combined with proven management capability in successfully finishing major tasks. 

Access to multi-skilled and versatile workers 

Given the advanced level of subcontracted work in this industry and the allocated geographical nature of functions, companies must be able to readily hire and maintain versatile and multi-skilled workers. 

Ensuring costs policy is appropriate 

To remain successful, companies must have the capability to correctly cost complex facilities tasks including the expectation of variations in content and work feedback expenses.

Labor expenses consideration for the bulk of industry working expenses, taking in about 48.8% of industry income in 2013. Salary expenses consist of both worker settlement and expenses to subcontracted work. 

Much of the work requirement is subcontracted to specialist agents such as: motorized hoist providers, tangible and architectural metal erectors. The use of subcontracted work often keeps total expenses down for industry members. As a result, worker settlement expenses currently consideration for about 17.9% of industry income, down from 20.1% in 2008, due to a decrease in industry employment and an improved dependency upon subcontracted work.

Subcontracted work expenses process about 30.9%. This proportion has improved over the past five years due to the growing preference for subcontracted work rather than long lasting full-time workers when working across geographically allocated contracts. Special-trade companies (such as architectural metal erectors and excavation contractors) and professional companies (e.g. advisor engineers) are especially a few subcontracted works.