In more general sense case study assignment writing is very important considering the different level of question that are asked in the case study. We’ll understand in the case study solving format whether a strong currency is good or bad in case study term. Anything powerful is said well but when we discuss any currency and economic system, powerful can have adverse effects for the whole economic system.

Any economic system that is trade focused can have very adverse effect if their currency is admiring. The most essential reason for the decrease in the economic system is the admiring forex. For example Indian exports services and product to US when the currency amount is INR50 for every dollar at the time when products were released but during payments INR valued to INR45 for every dollar. This would outcome in lack of INR5 for every dollar for the company that released products or services, to US. It is essential to comprehend whether the activity of currency is excellent for the economic system or not. In the past the currency motions have been very unpredictable and that has affected many financial systems especially those, who are trade focused. It is therefore very essential to comprehend whether the activity of currency is excellent or bad for the whole economic system.

Strong currency is also positive for the economic system as it draws the international immediate investment leading to the advantage in the stock exchange and that results in the improving quality of life of for the citizens of the economic system. But if this situation carries on it may make inflationary stress and that may outcome in the higher interest amount in the economic system by the main govt.

Therefore we comprehend by the currency activity, that powerful currency is excellent for the economic system in one sense but can make issue in other. Exporters in the economic system may face huge issue if the local currency is constantly on the get powerful. Therefore there should always be stability in the activity of the currency and government needs to get involved if the activity in currency gets out of control.


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Case study assignment:

It basically involves a case. One is to write regarding the case in a debatical form. Schools and universities use case studies to test their students for quantitative research analysis (writing skills & knowledge of a subject). It involves a lot of research though which can be hectic for students.

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Writing a Case Study

A case study is a thorough study of a situation in which a problem or a conflict is presented with facts and that conflict is discussed upon by people involved in the case study. Case study assignment is one of the toughest tasks that a student could get. You see it deals only with facts and there is no place for any irrelevant material in your case study. You need to present a problem through an extensive procedure and then you also have to solve that problem. This includes a lot of research, interviews and it demands a lot of time.

Case studies are of 4 types. They can be exploratory ( investigative), illustrative ( descriptive), cumulative or critical. These types are so called because they deal with different audiences and different topics. Whatever your audience or topic is the procedure for writing down a case study is same for everyone.

How to write a case study :

Writing a case study is very simple if you get all the proper data. If you have irrelevant material which goes off the track then a case study become difficult. So make sure you get only the relevant data. Use only that which concerns you. And use only facts. Don’t go into assumptions. Now to write a case study you can follow these simple steps:

1.    Create 4 sections of your case study which include : Introduction, background on why the case study was created, presentation of the case and the conclusion of the case. In the introduction you would simply state your problem. For example you are writing on a crime scene so in the introduction you would reveal the crime which has been done. After this you would give the background about the case study such as why it was conducted, where was it conducted and you could include photos or videos of the place just to make it more interesting. Then comes the presentation. In this include all your collected material including references, interviews, statistics, quotes or calculations. Finally the conclusion would give possible solutions. You can also just finish it off with a question but you must conclude it.

2.    Add references and appendices In your case study. References make your case study credible. And appendices are useful to make people understand certain legal or business terms which are not that familiar.

3.    Make additions and deletions in your text. Go through your case study section by section. Sometimes when you write it all down it may turn into something you were not expecting. In that case you need to add something up to keep it on track or you need to delete a few things. If you can't find a suitable place for a concept or a reference then add it up in the appendix.

4.    Edit and proofread your case study. Check for grammatical errors, spelling errors or any structural mistakes in the content. It is always better to have someone else check out your work because chances are that the other person might find out what you have overlooked.

So with these 4 simple steps you can make a case study writing an easy procedure. For more information about assignments you can log  on to . on this website you can find help with your homework assignments in a variety of subjects including maths, civil engineering, physics, biology, chemistry, marketing, finance, etc.

Case studies are basically stories which present complex and realistic situations which often contain a conflict or a dilemma which has to be debated upon by the people included in it. Case studies have been used specifically in the fields of law, medicine and business. Case study assignment is one of the hardest tasks for the students. It is all based on facts. There is no place for any doubts or imaginary assumptions. And it is very lengthy. So when confronted with this task, many students find themselves at a complete loss. Many of you might not know how to write an effective case study. Well, here I would try to solve that problem.

How to prepare a case study assignment:

Before learning how to write a case study you need to know the different types of case studies. You see there are 4 different types of case studies. These are :

1.    Illustrative : which describe events
2.    Exploratory: investigative
3.    Cumulative : collective comparison of information and data.
4.    Critical: this analyses an event with all the causes and probable outcomes.

Once you understand these 4 types and their styles plus requirements then you can easily create your own case study. Before writing down the final study you need to collect data and prepare a rough draft. Here are ways for you to prepare a case study before writing it down.

•    Find out what case study type and style is more suitable for your targeted audience : for example a corporation would choose an illustrative type to show the services provided to the clients. Students may write a critical or cumulative case study and legal organizations might work on exploratory type. Every type is meant for a certain audience.

•    Determine your topic and decide on ways to research that topic: in the first step you learned about your targeted audience and the different case studies. Well now that you have figured out your audience , the second step is to determine how you are going to deal with the topic. You need to think of ways to research the topic and you have to find out the facts. Nothing but the facts. Start with your school or local library , written books, magazine articles , journals-anything. Then search the internet for further information.

•    Research case studies which have been done in the past on a similar topic: 9 out of 10 case studies have already been dealt with in the past. So you are definitely not alone. Read the written case studies on the topics similar to yours make notes. Find out if there’s a problem in those case studies which has yet to be solved and you might just come across suitable data for your own case study. Basically the previous case studies would be something like samples or references for your present work.

•    Select people that you will interview for your case study. They may be experts in a particular field or they may be some customers or clients who might have dealt with the company which you are investigating.

Custom Case Studies

A case study’s among several manners of doing study whether its social science associated or even socially associated. It’s an exhaustive study of a single person, collection, event, or community. There’re two kinds of case studies: (1) realistic ones depicting genuine organizations, persons, & situations and (2) imaginary ones that, even though usually based slackly on real people & events, don’t use genuine organization's / people's names. 

Case study ought to be described as a study strategy, a practical inquiry that does investigate an occurrence inside its real-life circumstance. Case study techniques entail a thorough, longitudinal inspection of a single case / event: a case. So the researcher might gain a honed understanding of the reason for which the instance did happen as it did, and what may become vital to look at additionally comprehensively in upcoming research.

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