Writing a Research Paper

Research papers are assigned to almost every student in every college and university. And every student hates them. Everyone hates the grueling research and the long hours spent in libraries or with the computers. There are 2 parts of a research paper: the research process and the writing process and both are equally difficult. But we, at assignments web have made this easier. You see we are a company providing expert help to all the students with their assignments and homework in almost every subject. We provide 24/7 writing services , plagiarism free and high quality.

We understand how tough a research paper assignment could be. So we have a team of experts to do the work for you. But if you want to write the paper yourself with some professional help then we will be glad to help you out. Here I will give you a few pointers on writing a research paper all by yourself.

How to write a research paper?

To write your own research paper, follow these simple steps:

1.    Choose a topic that interests you: select something that interests you because then you will be more enthusiastic to work upon it and the work will go swiftly.

2.    Realize the goal of the paper: basically there are two types of research papers: argumentative and analytical. Both have their own goals and style. So you need to decide before writing whether you want to argue about a subject or you want to provide a new look to a subject.

3.    Find good sources: during research use credible websites which can provide up to date and accurate data.

4.    Write a working thesis: a working thesis summarizes the goal of your paper. Include the major keywords you are going to deal with and enter your reference. Simply speaking this is a rough draft which you would later perfect but remember that this is a working thesis and as such it may change as you uncover new information.

5.    Compile all your information in the form of an essay. Just write everything down. Suppose you have one keyword so you write that keyword and enter all the information regarding that keyword.

6.    Now divide your work into paragraphs. All the material that you have written in the form of a continuous essay before, now break it up into paragraphs which have a definite shape. The shape is an introduction, background, research, references, analysis and then conclusions.

7.    Write the conclusion: It should summarize the entire content of your research paper. Make it brief and make it easy.

8.    Revise your thesis statement: check for errors and remove them or correct them. Make sure your thesis statement is exactly what the content of your research paper is.

9.    Revise the paper and give it the final touches: remove all grammatical or spelling errors. Check if you have left anything or added any extra detail.

10.    Create a work cited page: this shows all the work you have done in your research paper in the form of bullets or columns. It's like a guide. The person reading your research paper would look at your work cited page and he/she will know exactly what you have written where.

So writing a research paper is not that tough now.

How to Research a Paper

A research paper is the final outcome of a series of researches, critical thinking, source evaluation and organizations. It is similar to a living thing because it changes as it grows i.e. as you collect more data and information your research paper keeps on growing until finally you edit it and get the final product.

Writing a research paper is often considered a hectic task with a lot of time and effort being spent in libraries and on the internet to find suitable information. When confronted with research paper a.k.a report writing the students often feel distressed and anxious about how to get it done. Obviously there are a few steps which could help you in preparing for your research paper but if not then you can always get expert help at http://assignmentsweb.com/ . This is the website for a company which has clients all over the world and which helps students in their written assignments. Assignmentsweb provides 24/7 help to students all over the world with all their assignments.

How to collect information for a research paper:

Writing a research paper is not that tough but getting the information and the references are the toughest part. This is why students dread research paper writing because of the research involved. But with a few short steps you can get all the data you want with minimum effort and maximum impact.

•    Decide your objective: you have to decide what you want your research paper to accomplish. Should it discuss a topic, should it give a viewpoint? Is it going to be based on historical facts or is it going to be on a piece of literature? Is it supposed to be argumentative or analytical? The answers to these questions determine how you would go about with your research. There is a lot of difference between the what , the why and the how. So make sure you’re clear about which of these three concepts you want to address.
•    Choose a title: a title is the first thing that people are going to see and it may be the only thing they would see. So make sure your title is catchy , a bit informative but secretive as well. Don’t give the entire substance of the research in your title. Keep it short and concise but keep it appropriate to your matter.
•    Make a list of keywords: write down keywords related to your topic and make mind maps of the headings or subheadings then jot down more keywords. These keywords will help you when you research online because then you will look for any one thing , you won't have to go through hundreds of irrelevant materials.
•    Go to the library: the first step in a research is the written material which could be newspaper articles, books, journals or papers written in the past. Go on through them and make notes.
•    Make notes: as I mentioned above make notes. Write down every relevant material you find in your own words. If you can't write in your own words then quote it as it is from the book or journal.
•    Search online: use the keywords you wrote in the start and search online on reputable websites. Wikipedia is almost accurate but not completely so don’t depend upon that. Use other sites including Google Books, Project Gutenberg and Google Scholar.
•    Find statistics: statistics are a great way to explain your point of view to the people. As they are strong facts people are always impressed by them. So do look them up and add statistics.

•    Start writing: the last step is start writing the paper. The research is done you have collected the data now organize it and start putting it into a proper shape. But if you find that some things have been left out then visit the library once more and do a bit of research again.

So with these simple steps you can gather data for your research paper in no time at all.

Writing a research paper has specific objectives. The prime objective of research paper writing is to let people read the research work in a selective manner. Writing a research paper needs extensive research and depth so that the research paper writing becomes a most informative yet interesting piece of reading material. When a particular topic is researched upon, its methods or specific result or interpretation may interest you. These findings can be incorporated into report writing.

The researching also may bring out various summaries of the research paper that you are writing if relevant to your study and topic. 

Report writing or writing a research paper requires some sections to be there, which must begin on a fresh page. There are variations of course. Some research papers call for a combined result and discussion.

Writing a research paper needs to adhere to a particular style or format to bring out consistency and every field or topic would have its important way of writing to bring out the best in that topic.

How and where to get written quality research paper help so that the research paper is readable

• One must type or print by using a 12 point standard font, such as Times, Geneva, Bookman, Helvetica, etc.

• The text thus written should be double spaced on 8 1/2" x 11" paper with 1 inch margins that too single sided

• One should not forget to number the pages consecutively

• Every section should begin on a new page, to give clear demarcations 

• One should adhere to recommended page limits, to make the research paper not too lengthy but to the point and with a lot of informative data.

To avoid these kind of errors

• You must place the heading at the bottom of a page with the following text on the next page, this can be done by inserting a page break

• You could divide a table or a figure in such a way that you could see one table or one figure on one page. 

• You should be very careful to not to submit the research paper with pages which are out of order

Writing research paper would also need a lot of care in the following respects too.

• One must use normal prose which would include 

• While writing one needs to stay focused on the research topic of the paper

• One must use paragraphs to separate each important point except for the abstract

• You should indent the first line of each paragraph to improve visibility 

• The points should be presented in a logical order

• If making a mention of the well accepted facts, then this should be done in the present tense.

• You need to use past tense to describe specific results.  

• You must avoid informal wording, and should not address the reader directly. Usage of jargons, superlatives or slang terms should be avoided. 

• You should not use superfluous pictures, but include only those figures which are necessary to present the results

Last but not the least research paper writing or report writing should have an informative title . You must also put it the names and addresses of all those who have written the research paper along with the date of submission.

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