Case studies are basically stories which present complex and realistic situations which often contain a conflict or a dilemma which has to be debated upon by the people included in it. Case studies have been used specifically in the fields of law, medicine and business. Case study assignment is one of the hardest tasks for the students. It is all based on facts. There is no place for any doubts or imaginary assumptions. And it is very lengthy. So when confronted with this task, many students find themselves at a complete loss. Many of you might not know how to write an effective case study. Well, here I would try to solve that problem.

How to prepare a case study assignment:

Before learning how to write a case study you need to know the different types of case studies. You see there are 4 different types of case studies. These are :

1.    Illustrative : which describe events
2.    Exploratory: investigative
3.    Cumulative : collective comparison of information and data.
4.    Critical: this analyses an event with all the causes and probable outcomes.

Once you understand these 4 types and their styles plus requirements then you can easily create your own case study. Before writing down the final study you need to collect data and prepare a rough draft. Here are ways for you to prepare a case study before writing it down.

•    Find out what case study type and style is more suitable for your targeted audience : for example a corporation would choose an illustrative type to show the services provided to the clients. Students may write a critical or cumulative case study and legal organizations might work on exploratory type. Every type is meant for a certain audience.

•    Determine your topic and decide on ways to research that topic: in the first step you learned about your targeted audience and the different case studies. Well now that you have figured out your audience , the second step is to determine how you are going to deal with the topic. You need to think of ways to research the topic and you have to find out the facts. Nothing but the facts. Start with your school or local library , written books, magazine articles , journals-anything. Then search the internet for further information.

•    Research case studies which have been done in the past on a similar topic: 9 out of 10 case studies have already been dealt with in the past. So you are definitely not alone. Read the written case studies on the topics similar to yours make notes. Find out if there’s a problem in those case studies which has yet to be solved and you might just come across suitable data for your own case study. Basically the previous case studies would be something like samples or references for your present work.

•    Select people that you will interview for your case study. They may be experts in a particular field or they may be some customers or clients who might have dealt with the company which you are investigating.