The report writing is one of the most interactive things in English. It forms the basics of journalism. Report Writing helps one when he or she goes in the field of mass communication. The motive of writing a report is to convey some message to the people. Report should be written in very simple language. Repot is never written using ornamental words and in complex. It is written in such a way so that any people can understand that. Report is written using a narrative tone. It describes any incident that happened and the entire incident should be transformed into a story.

First person is to be avoided in Report Writing:

Then the story should be narrated without using the first person. Reports should not have any personal opinion as the work of a reported is only to convey news. He or she is not meant to express his or her own view to the people. A report is sort of a Research Paper Writing. The reporter needs to do researches on a topic so that people can know about it in details. A report should contain the entire story in a form of a summary in the body. This is done so that when a person is in hurry, he or she can read the content in brief, in the first paragraph.
First paragraph to be made the summary:

Then the description of the incident should start from the second paragraph. A report should always have the location and the date mentioned right at the beginning of the report. It is a formality of report writing. Writing a Research Paper is easy if one can narrate very well. While writing report, one should always keep in mind that it will be read by all sorts of people. Report should not contain vulgar languages and the way of expression should be decent.
Ornamental languages not to be used:

It will be read by people of all ages and of all literacy level. Ornamental and complex languages will not be understood by those people. Report writing is an art also. How one can express an incident is the main thing in this field. A same incident may be defined in various ways by various reporters.


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