A case study is a thorough study of a situation in which a problem or a conflict is presented with facts and that conflict is discussed upon by people involved in the case study. Case study assignment is one of the toughest tasks that a student could get. You see it deals only with facts and there is no place for any irrelevant material in your case study. You need to present a problem through an extensive procedure and then you also have to solve that problem. This includes a lot of research, interviews and it demands a lot of time.

Case studies are of 4 types. They can be exploratory ( investigative), illustrative ( descriptive), cumulative or critical. These types are so called because they deal with different audiences and different topics. Whatever your audience or topic is the procedure for writing down a case study is same for everyone.

How to write a case study :

Writing a case study is very simple if you get all the proper data. If you have irrelevant material which goes off the track then a case study become difficult. So make sure you get only the relevant data. Use only that which concerns you. And use only facts. Don’t go into assumptions. Now to write a case study you can follow these simple steps:

1.    Create 4 sections of your case study which include : Introduction, background on why the case study was created, presentation of the case and the conclusion of the case. In the introduction you would simply state your problem. For example you are writing on a crime scene so in the introduction you would reveal the crime which has been done. After this you would give the background about the case study such as why it was conducted, where was it conducted and you could include photos or videos of the place just to make it more interesting. Then comes the presentation. In this include all your collected material including references, interviews, statistics, quotes or calculations. Finally the conclusion would give possible solutions. You can also just finish it off with a question but you must conclude it.

2.    Add references and appendices In your case study. References make your case study credible. And appendices are useful to make people understand certain legal or business terms which are not that familiar.

3.    Make additions and deletions in your text. Go through your case study section by section. Sometimes when you write it all down it may turn into something you were not expecting. In that case you need to add something up to keep it on track or you need to delete a few things. If you can't find a suitable place for a concept or a reference then add it up in the appendix.

4.    Edit and proofread your case study. Check for grammatical errors, spelling errors or any structural mistakes in the content. It is always better to have someone else check out your work because chances are that the other person might find out what you have overlooked.

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